Eco Truly is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education and dissemination of ecology, vegetarianism and yoga. We are trying to help Mother Nature with our eco villages around the world. In these villages, you can find great ecological communities of people working together to achieve the same goal. You can learn about recycling, yoga, vegetarianism, agriculture, and much more! We need your help to make this world a better place.

In any one of our centers you will become a true friend to your body through natural foods and the environment. Put your senses to good use and make your mind your friend. Don’t let another moment pass in vain; the world needs you desperately. With yoga, you will gain knowledge that will build physical health as well as fight indifference, abuse, and illusion.

Dear visitors and volunteers: for the last thirty years, we have been striving to establish a combination of meeting Mother Earth’s needs and quenching our own thirst for harmony. Our challenge in South America to establish ecological communities that use yoga as a way of life that we learned in India, has been a wonderful experience. Several locations in different parts of South America and our international volunteers blend perfectly into an enthusiastic team. Living healthily, deeply, and meaningfully is our goal for everyone.

We need a lot of assistance, and certainly believe that you will have a rewarding experience with us. Help us to help others, and help yourself as well. Join wonderful people in your travels around this wonderful continent. Our infectious enthusiasm has allowed us to start yoga monasteries, eco villages, organic farms, and many educational programs all over the Andean route.

You can actually take a tour of our various locations while traveling through South America. Our projects are true pioneers and projects to reach each destination. At Eco Truly, we will figure out the best way you can help according to your talents. We would like to be very honest with you to make your stay happy and friendly with the residents: we stand in defense and love of animals, so we follow a vegetarian diet. Moreover, we do not allow the use any type of psychoactive substances, such as cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs in our eco villages.

We are pleased to share with you many wonderful activities: learning to cook vegetarian food, growing organic vegetables, planting trees, making floral decorations, yoga, clay construction, receiving visitors, playing drums, learning about Vedic philosophy, attending fire ceremonies, listening to music, handicrafts like bamboo or tagua etc., as well as learning from you with in order to help improve our project and the planet.

We would be happy to receive your presence and assistance, and you would have an unforgettable experience full of joy and solid values ​​for the rest of your life.

Join a harmonious process that will transform your visit, volunteer program stay, or vacation with us, with the true act of serving nature.

Here you’ll find special people who will do their best to make you feel comfortable and at home. We are dedicated to provide you with a unique experience in a beautiful environment conducive to growth, learning, and sharing.

We would kindly like to know your opinion about our project or any problems or questions.
We hope to receive your comments.


Ulrich Harlan - B. A. Paramadvaiti Swami.
Creator and founder of Project Eco Truly.

Adolfo Velit Panda - Bhaktivedanta Sraman Maharaj.
Truly Eco Project Director.

José R. Mantilla - Nitai Gauranga das
Web master and Truly Eco Project manager.

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